Already in early life the wish to work creative was there. Encouraged by the love of designing shapes and compounds, this shall finalize in the following academic studies of Architecture. 

After the successful master’s degree in architecture, she decided to travel Australia for one year, which was meant to change her life forever. Far away from construction and technology on a 30 000 km long journey all across Australia, she not only developed a passion for nature and landscape but also the love of photography was born. 

Back in Germany in an architectural world full of low budget, pragmatism and little enthusiasm she wasn’t meant to find her fulfilment. Through consistent personal enhancement of photography and the pleasure she experienced regarding her own projects, she not only discovered her passion in photography but also her true calling. Completed with the apprenticeship as a portrait photographer the professional career did begin.

Portrait photography – both in the element nature and in the individual surroundings, which make the portraited something very special – form the main focus of her photography. The second aspect of her work constitutes the image of landscape, wildlife and architecture both in native Germany and in far-off parts of the world. 

Shaped by the influence of study over years and creative working, she now shows her own perspective, which synergizes a world of photography and architecture. A world of passion, to tell a very special story with the one moment. 

“Photography is the art to see the wonderful in the simplest moment and to capture this moment forever.”

Jasmin Dittmann