Gallery Landscape

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The world we’re living in is filled with beautiful unique landscapes. We sit in an airplane for a few hours and find ourselves in a complete new, different environment from the one that we are used to. This fascination encouraged by curiosity leads me to travel to new countries. A few of the following pictures give an impression of the extraordinary places of our earth. 

Painted Cliffs, Australia
Bay of Fires, Australia
Colours of the woods, Australia
The Boat Shed, Australia
Beloved Glass House Mountains, Australia
Imposing Peninsula, Australia
Light tickling the woods, Australia
Sunset in WA, Australia
The Blowhole, Australia
On the top of Tassie, Australia
Flood, Australia
Kiss from a rose, Germany
Once upon a time in the land of the Sorbs, Germany
The lonely boat, Germany
Green is the colour of the forest, Germany
In mellow glance they show themselves, the elbe sandstone mountains, Germany
Winter, running through the water, Croatia
Winter forest in red and green, Germany
Residents of the forest, Germany
Leaving of the winter, Eibsee, Germany
Painted Cliffs, Australia