Gallery Image

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The individual Corporate identity of a firm is very important. Firm philosophy and concept of a firm needs to be presented via photography.

Gallery Men

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There are several ways to portrait the personality of a man. Casual, sporty or classic. Distinctive facial features, a beard or a lovely smile – the photo of a man is not just an image, it tells a story.

Gallery Business

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There`s one thing that finalizes every business profile or application, a strong photo. As all people and their professions are unique I want to take adequate time to highlight the individuum. For especially strong and expressive pictures I also photograph in the specialized work environment.

Gallery Black & White

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If we put down the colour intensity of the picture and only exhibit humans in their light and dark tones, we highlight their beauty. Black and white can be puristic, powerful and lovely at the same time.

Gallery Landscape

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The world we`re living in is filled with beautiful unique landscapes. We sit in an airplane for a few hours and find ourselves in a complete new, different environment from the one that we are used to. This fascination encouraged by curiosity leads me to travel to new countries. A few of the following pictures give an impression of the extraordinary places of our earth.

Gallery Wildlife

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Our planet is inhabited by various animal special in all shapes and colours. A few of them in native Germany and others overseas. Wildlife photography is a particular passion. Animals don`t appear to us when we want them to, they don`t pose for us, but this is the challenge which makes wildlife photography so fascinating. Once an animal is spotted, I sometimes spend over an hour to watch it and to study their behavior. They may not be able to speak to us but from every species there`s always a certain amount of interaction. All we need to do is watch.